24-Hour Surveillance Mini Hidden Spy Camera Clock Portable DV

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  • High Resolution Video Recording: Capture clear, crisp 30-frames-per-second video in both standard and high compression modes. Standard setting has 640x464 resolution, but it can be dropped to 320x240 in order to store more footage on the same memory card. In advanced compression mode, the Clock Cam can keep storing footage for 30 days straight.
  • Professional Night Vision: Built-in invisible pure infared lights, coupled with a night vision lens and chipset, enable the Clock Cam to record crystal clear video even in pitch-black surroundings. Leave it overnight at the office and you'll catch everything, even if the human eye would miss it all.
  • Award Winning Design: The Clock Cam's rounded corners, side-mounted stereo speakers, and slick anodized aluminum casing give it a sharp, modern style consistent with high-end electronics. It's a quality piece to place in your home or office for playing music or watching movies - and nobody will suspect its secret features.
  • Owner Only Camera Access: Nobody besides you will ever know there's a camera hidden inside this device. A secret combination of buttons allows you to access the menu to set recordings or play back footage.
  • HD LCD Screen: The digital readout on the Clock Cam is a 2-inch HD screen. You can use it to select menu options, set recordings, navigate music, listen to radio, play back recordings, and even play other videos that you've loaded on with a MicroSD card. Accepted video formats include: AVI, MP4, 3PG, and ASF.

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